Who we are:

Ronin Tactical Concepts is a small veteran owned company specializing in firearms and firearms safety courses. Based in San Antonio Texas, we offer realistic and dynamic training to civilians, law enforcement, and the military through out the region.  Our courses include the NRA basic and advanced training, NRA protect your self inside and outside the home, NRA Defensive pistol. We also offer a women’s self defense course, along with a women’s defensive pistol. We have developed a special short medical class geared towards the CHL holder to perform in a life or death medical situation. We also have a two day defensive pistol course that will teach you to run your firearm like you have never done in the past, taking you further and deeper into a skill set needed to survive a violent encounter on the streets.


Where we took our name from:

The word rōnin literally means “wave man”. The term originated in the Nara and Heian periods, when it referred to a serf who had fled or deserted his master’s land. It then came to be used for a samurai who had lost his master. (Hence, the term “wave man” illustrating one who is socially adrift.)

The Samurai believed that their swords were one with their soul. To touch a samurai’s sword without permission was a direct insult to the owner.

We take this concept and apply it to all of our firearms training. We work on making your firearm a part of you. This concept works during a real life event where you are under extreme stress and must perform effectively and efficiently.



Our instructors come from the Military, Law Enforcement, and Civilian backgrounds.  Each brings knowledge and experience to the table, All have real world combat, or tactical experience.

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