We constantly get asked for recommendations on what gear we carry or what others should carry. While this can differ from person to person, below is a listing of the most common items we are asked about and our replies. These are of course our opinions based on experience, training, and tactical encounters. If you would like some specific recommendations or our input on a specific piece of equipment please do not hesitate to contact us and we will do the best to answer your questions. Below is a summary of the most common questions asked.

1) Firearms:

We recommend and use Glock firearms and Smith and Wesson M&P hand guns.

While a lot has been written about blocks and people are either very much for or against them, one thing that can never be disputed is that they just work when the need arrises. You can search YouTube or the net for reviews and commentary on these firearms. Most of the negative ones are based on opinion and not actual function of the firearm. Additionally the negative comments about malfunctions are usually attributed to user error and not hardware function. (you may have to dig deep to find the root causes) **For the record I was not a “Glock” guy until about 2 years ago. There things about this platform I do not like, however one fact holds true…… When the Stuff hits the fan…. They just work! It is this reason why I switched to carrying a Glock (almost) daily. Glocks are one of the most consistent and reliable guns out there.

The M&P is our next favorite firearm, it is ergonomic and a fine piece of hardware. It has a grip angle much like the favored 1911. The advantage of this is that you have a much higher bore access and natural point of aim. The trigger however can be spongy and the reset is almost non existent. The M&P Shield is a single stack small firearm that is very easy to conceal and handles wonderfully, The trigger is a little better than the full size.

2) Holsters:

We only use and wear one type of holster and they come direct from the fine folks at On Your 6 Designs They make some of the best holsters I have worn in 15 or so years of carrying a fire arm. They are a family owned small business run here in the USA and all products are made here in the USA. They make excellent IWB (in waist band) holsters as well as OWB (outside the waist) If you go for an OWB ask for the Ronin model, it has a small opening in the bottom to allow debris to fall out.

3) Ammo:

There are many fine rounds available and most are excellent for defensive purposes. As far as practice ammo goes anything is fine. SAMMI approved is best, however it may not always be available. Lead vs brass vs aluminum vs steel here is my take on this….. If your gun won’t fire it….. Get a better gun. A defensive firearm should be able to take any type of round and keep going. For defensive purposes We prefer Corbon or Corbon DPX after that Winchester PDX. Other good defensive rounds include: Hornady Critical Defense or Critical Duty, Federal Hydroshock, Speer Gold dot, Remington Golden Saber

4) MISC:

Cleaning supplies

Frog Lube….. Let me say this again FROG LUBE! It is my opinion that this is not only the coolest most amazing stuff, but it works as described…. Even better. I use it on all of my fire arms, as well as on the screen of my iPhone! I can’t tell you how awesome this stuff is, you just have to use it once to become a believer. We love this stuff so much that we are going to start selling it!

If you choose to use other cleaning supplies they are all pretty much the same, but for Lubrication I do recommend (Frog lube! Ok ok ok if you MUST use something else) High temperature bearing grease. You can find this for about $4.00 in walmart or an auto parts store its that nasty red greasy goop. A can of this stuff will last you for years! And the best thing about it, is that it doesn’t evaporate or run all over the place like the liquid stuff does. And starts to really perform once you start working the fire arm and as it heats up.

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