Below are links to products and organizations we feel offer High quality products, and support the second amendment. These are not paid spots, and are not affiliate spots, meaning we receive no compensation for posting or linking to them.



The First one, is These guys main focus is pushing the rights of the second amendment. In fact these guys donate 20% of all sales to the NRAILA! their products are high quality and make for great conversation pieces. If you want to find out even more about them you can check out this youtube video HERE


MMModern Musket is a brand with a message. They offer products to increase visibility, spread the message, and to allow people to make a statement for what they believe in. A portion of the revenue generated through the sale of these items is donated to organizations that fight for Second Amendment rights. Again good high quality materials. I love their Beanie. Makes for a great conversation starter.

MLCCW Close Up

Molon Labe Challenge Coins have been taking the second amendment movement lovers by storm over on facebook. These are professionally made beautiful challenge coins. Very reasonably priced and worth every cent. Check them out.



On your 6 Designs makes very high quality reasonably priced kydex holsters. They come with a life time warranty and are made here in the USA. You can see my review of them HERE and see how well they actually work and conceal HERE Check them out. You wont be sorry.


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